Average commercial and Industrial consumer pays Rs. 8-10 or above for a unit of Electricity.

They can reduce their Electricity bills by installing solar power plants on Rooftops.

The government has different state wise schemes for Domestic power plants. Domestic power plants let consumer use at least 20-year free electricity.

Rooftops of educational factories, institutes, hospitals, warehouses, parking shed all can be converted into Green power generation sources to contribute to the development of Green world.

Large scale projects

SUNGOLD® has experience in the development of large MW scale projects. We also provide operation and maintenance for large scale power plants.

Industrial projects

Sungold is one of the most reliable company to let take care of your rooftops. We convert idle rooftops into your monthly saving machine. Beat your competitors with less per product energy cost.

Domestic Rooftops

We provide Govt. approved solutions for Domestic users. Domestic users can get solar power plants according to their state policies.

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