General Idea

  • A solar water heater is the most efficient way to convert Solar Energy in heat and reduce Carbon Emission.
  • In our Environment, 100 Liter of Solar water heater Saves 1.5* kg of coal to burn for Electricity everyday.
  • A water heater is also favorable as its Conversion efficiency is almost three times in compare to PV modules.

Key features


Advanced Vertical tank

SUNGOLD® Solar Water Heater comes with vertical Design water tank, as vertical tank has a slower mixing of hot & cold water and faster thermosiphon.


Industrial grade coating

Super heavy inner tanks coated with Hot Dip Galvanize or anticorrosive ceramic coat provides longer performing life at high temperature.


Designed for pressure

Our tank is designed like a pressure vessel to bare pressure in places using pressure pumps.


Central System

The range of SUNGOLD® Solar Water Heater varies from 500 LPD to 3000 LPD one tank systems, so you have to maintain only a few systems for larger requirements.

Flat plate collectors

Flat plate collectors are known for its long life and low maintenance.

Key features :

  • Aluminum body
  • Brass flanges
  • All copper tubes & fins
  • Ultrasonic welded fins
  • Special high efficient selective coating
  • Dotted toughened glass

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